The Interpretation of Prophecy (Book)


Gain an accurate understanding of Bible Prophecy by learning to use a consistent literal interpretation.


One-fourth of the Bible is Prophecy.

Most believers know something about the teachings of Bible prophecy, but a comparative few are acquainted with the hermeneutical principles on which prophecy is based. This is unfortunate, for hermeneutics is foundational and should be studied first.

This book is based on the premise that consistent literal interpretation of prophecy is good hermeneutics. Since consistent literal hermeneutics naturally results in the premillennial, pretribulational system of eschatology, the later will also receive vindication.

Dr. Paul Lee Tan is a pastor, Christian educator and author. For some 50 years, Dr. Tan has been a Bible teacher, having taught some half a million people worldwide on Bible prophecy.

Dr. Tan was Director of Asian Studies and Adjunct Professor at the Dallas Theological Seminary, and has served long pastorates in the United States and Asia.

444 pages.


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