2022 Holy Land Calendar

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Better visualize the Holy Land with this special 2022 Lamb & Lion Ministries calendar! “Limited Quantity!”

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The paintings and prints featured in the Lamb & Lion Ministries 2022 Calendar represent a cross-section of the works by Udi Merioz. Each work is accompanied by a scripture passage from God’s prophetic Word. Most also include a brief description.

For the past several years, I’ve made a point to bring our pilgrims to meet Udi— typically on our “free day” in Jerusalem. Several have purchased original paintings as I did with the “Golden Wall” canvas we feature in November. Most also leave with a number of prints—including some that Udi gives away as he learns each visitor’s back story.

We have often advocated raising up Israel and the Jewish people in prayer, echoing God’s stated intention to bless the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I’ve also challenged pilgrims and Prophecy Partners alike to pray that the Lord will place a Jewish person in your life to lift up in prayer—and to seek opportunity to share with them the hope that is within us, but with gentleness and respect (1 Peter 3:15).

Udi is the man who comes to my mind, because God has given him a tender heart that overflows with love and discernment. He has been a conduit of much blessing, and I have sought to reciprocate that blessing.

We pray that you will seek opportunities to tell Jewish people you encounter about our Messiah and point them to the One who chose them in the first place. Make them aware that your blessedness is a reflection of the relationship that is their birthright—if they will call upon the Name of the Lord.

Soon and very soon, Jesus will burst from the heavens. Until He does, we will look forward to leading pilgrims to the Promised Land—where the promises of God are being fulfilled right before our eyes.

Perhaps you would like to join us… next year in Jerusalem. Godspeed!

The calendar includes notations of all major American and Israeli holidays. The cost is $10, including the cost of mailing.

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