2013 Calendar

The Western Wall is located in the Old City of Jerusalem at the base of the western side of the Temple Mount, near the south end. It is a remnant of the ancient wall that surrounded the Jewish Temple’s courtyard. It is considered to be the most sacred site of the Jewish faith apart from the Temple Mount itself.

  • December 2013A Quiet Time

    A Quiet Time

    The Western Wall is not always a beehive of activity. There are quiet times when only a hand full of people are present. You can visit the wall live via […]

  • November 2013Assembling


    The Western Wall Plaza is usually jam-packed with people on special feast days like Passover or Hanukkah. The military also uses the plaza for special ceremonies that attract many on-lookers.


  • October 2013Beseeching


    All Israeli men and women, except the Orthodox, are required to serve in the military. Members of the military are often seen at the Western Wall earnestly beseeching the Lord […]

  • September 2013Trumpeting


    An Orthodox Jew announces the beginning of a new year with the blowing of a shofar. Psalm 81 commands: "Blow the shofar at the new moon, at the full moon, […]

  • August 2013Overseeing


    A lonely Orthodox Jew oversees the conduct at the Western Wall, making sure that worshipers observe all the rules. For example, men and women must pray at separate sections of […]

  • July 2013Celebrating


    Celebrating: Although the Western Wall is often referred to as "The Wailing Wall," many celebrations are conducted at the wall, such as Bar Mitzvahs. The flag of Israel celebrates the […]

  • June 2013Praying for Peace

    Praying for Peace

    The rabbi with the Book prays next to the soldier with the gun. The scene is reminiscent of a passage in Nehemiah 4:17 where it says that the people who […]

  • May 2013Honoring Israel

    Honoring Israel

    A group of Christians from Japan pray at the Western Wall while wearing specially designed vests that honor the nation. This gesture on their part brings to mind the promise […]

  • April 2013Teaching Children

    Teaching Children

    The Orthodox Jews often take their children to the Western Wall to teach them about their spiritual heritage, in conformity with the admonition in Deuteronomy 6:6-7 which states: "You shall […]

  • March 2013Making Prayer Requests

    Making Prayer Requests

    It is traditional to write prayer requests on pieces of paper and then fold the pieces and stuff them into cracks in the Western Wall. Some organizations provide Internet services […]

  • February 2013Reading the Torah

    Reading the Torah

    Orthodox Jews often go to the Western Wall to do formal readings from the Torah (the first five books of the Hebrew Scriptures). This is especially true during feast days.


  • Cover 2013 CalendarPraying at the Western Wall

    Praying at the Western Wall

    The wall has been a site for Jewish prayer and pilgrimage for centuries. The earliest source mentioning Jewish attachment to the site dates back to the 4th Century.

    It became […]

  • January 2013The Plaza

    The Plaza

    Until 1967 there were buildings that had been built right up to within six feet of the Western Wall, creating a narrow alleyway for those who wanted to pray. After […]