2011 Calendar

Gates of the Old City

  • December 2011Eastern Gate in the Snow

    Eastern Gate in the Snow

    The Eastern Gate looks towards the Mount of Olives and the Kidron Valley, shown here after a snowstorm. Jesus entered the Temple courts from the east after the crowd acclaimed […]

  • November 2011Zion Gate

    Zion Gate

    Providing access to Mount Zion, this gate bears the marks of Arab and Israeli battles in the 1948 War of Independence. This gate is also known by some as the […]

  • October 2011Hadrian's With Damascus Gate

    Hadrian’s With Damascus Gate

    The oldest preserved gate in the Old City wall, this arch below Damascus Gate survives intact from the time of the Roman emperor Hadrian in AD 135. Originally Hadrian's gate […]

  • September 2011Dung Gate

    Dung Gate

    The Dung Gate today provides the easiest access to the prayer plaza at the Western Wall. Different theories have been proposed as to how the gate originally acquired its name, […]

  • August 2011Jaffa Gate (Cut)

    Jaffa Gate (Cut)

    In 1898 the Crusader-era moat immediately south (left) of Jaffa Gate was filled in and the Old City wall removed. In the gap a road was constructed in order to […]

  • July 2011Jaffa Gate

    Jaffa Gate

    The only gate on the city's western side, Jaffa Gate is the most popular one today for Jewish residents and tourists. The Arabs call this the "Gate of the Friend," […]

  • June 2011Lions Gate

    Lions Gate

    The Lions Gate gets its name from the four ornamental lions placed midway up the wall by the builder Suleiman the Magnificent. The gate is also known as St. Stephen's […]

  • May 2011Eastern Gate (Back Side)

    Eastern Gate (Back Side)

    The Eastern Gate, also known as the Golden Gate or the Mercy Gate, is a large and beautiful gatehouse built in approximately AD 640. The room inside has been used […]

  • April 2011Tanner's Gate

    Tanner’s Gate

    Built in approximately AD 1200, the Tanner's Gate is older than the present city walls. The Turkish architects who constructed the present Old City fortifications walled up the gate in […]

  • March 2011New Gate

    New Gate

    At only 120 years old, this is the newest of the entrances into the Old City. The gate was cut into the northwestern side of the city in 1887 in […]

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