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The Power of Prophecy Conference

This series of messages will encourage your faith, enable you to persevere, and embolden you to share the Gospel with those who are lost, making straight the path of our soon-returning King.
Encounter 72 of God's mighty angels from the book of Revelation! New book by Nathan Jones.
Learn about the latest issues related to Bible prophecy in our ministry produced magazine!
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Dr. David R. Reagan

Founder & Director

Dr. David R. Reagan


T he Founder and Senior Evangelist for Lamb & Lion Ministries, Dr. Reagan preaches and teaches Bible prophecy and the message of the soon return of Jesus Christ across the globe. He is the host of the weekly television program “Christ in Prophecy” and the author of 17 books…more

Christ in Prophecy

Television Program

Dr. David R. Reagan


P roclaiming Bible prophecy, “Christ in Prophecy” broadcasts weekly on major networks across the globe. From in-depth teachings from our studio or at exotic locations, Dr. Reagan and Nathan Jones equip the world with the hope-bringing message from God’s prophetic word…more


Prophetic News Magazine

Dr. David R. Reagan


A n excellent source of hard-hitting commentary and contemporary news concerning prophetic events that are seeing their fulfillment in this very day! This magazine is published six times every year and is available in print by subscription or free by e-newsletter…more


Proclaiming the Gospel

Dr. David R. Reagan


W ould you consider giving a donation in order to help Lamb & Lion Ministries proclaim the Gospel and the hope-giving news of the soon coming of Jesus Christ? Find out how you can also become a Prophecy Partner and team with us in bringing hope and the message of Christ’s salvation!…more

christnprophecy Christ in Prophecy
Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs ⚠️ Doesn't it seem like God has been showering signs all over the world to indicate… https://t.co/rj7tsfWejQ
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